Two new Design Options for Lila Rose!

I like my brides to be overwhelmed with delight when they see the sketches for their dress.  While Lila Rose loved the designs enough to go ahead and book the dress, it still wasn’t quite right yet.

So I went back to the drawing board (and Pinboards) to come up with something that encompassed all of Lila Rose’s wants into a great design that she would be absolutely crazy about.

The original drawings and color edits were a bit “too conservative” and not quite “wild” enough for her.  She thought it looked a little too 1950s.  Leave it to me to add a touch of Dior to everything I draw!  I needed to leave Dior behind and channel Bowie instead!

We went back to looking at our inspirations, and I came up with two new looks.  In both looks, I shortened the pencil skirt and added fancy sleeve heads.  Both are with the intention of being crafted in brightly colored fabrics.

Here’s the first new option:

© 2012 Brooks Ann Camper Bridal Couture

In this sketch, I’ve used some details inspired by this awesome image.

Georges Hobeika Fall 2010 Tuxedo Dress

And here’s the next new option I drew for Lila Rose:

© 2012 Brooks Ann Camper Bridal Couture

It was inspired (in part) by this image:

Natalia Giacomelli – Snow White Couture


She actually loved them both!

But one of these two sketches hit the nail exactly on the head for Lila Rose.  She was thrilled and couldn’t wait to wear it on her wedding day!

Which one do you think she chose?  Which one is your favorite?


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6 Responses

  1. Love the first one, so I hope that’s what she chose.

    I don’t sew, have never had anything custom-made, and am 20 years past my own wedding dress shopping days, but I LOVE your blog. The whole process is fascinating and the end results are marvelous. Thanks to you and your brides for sharing the experience!

  2. The first! Lila Rose needs the first design! More like a sculpture on her. A fancy Lady GaGa. And I like the accents reflected on the front & back. Both my favorite for her, and I think she chose it.

  3. I like the first one! A little more “structured”, slightly goth, star treky and edgy, but also feminine. I really look forward to seeing this dress come to life!!

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