How To Create a Custom Sketching Croqui from a Photo

It’s early 2010. Michelle, my very first custom bridalwear client, is leaving my home studio after our Design Consultation. I snap a photo of her on her way out the door. My mind is buzzing with ideas. My table is scattered with images and inspirations. I pull out a blank piece of paper. I’m ready to start sketching. I stare at the inspiration images. I stare at the blank piece of paper… I print out the photo of Michelle.  I stare at the photo. I stare at the blank piece of paper… Oh no. What the heck have I gotten myself into?! I’m a maker, not a sketch artist!  And I can’t get to the making part, if I don’t book the dress… And I can’t book the dress, if I can’t communicate my design ideas… 
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My Sewing Story Pt 2: Employment

Welcome back! In this second segment of my Sew-iversary series, I’ll share about the various ways I was employed before going solo. While putting together Pt 1 Academics, I predicted Pt 2 would be a quick post. I didn’t remember having many photos from my Employment Era. But after poking around and digging deep into…
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My Sewing Story Pt 1: Academics

Hi there! I’m Brooks Ann Camper and I love making things. You may already know that I’ve been blogging about making custom wedding dresses since 2009 and have been teaching those who sew solo how to design and handcraft garments from their own self-drafted custom-fit patterns online since 2014. But that’s only a part of…
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Hi there! I'm Brooks Ann.

I’m a former professional costumer and couture dressmaker for one-of-a-kind bridalwear located in Hillsborough, North Carolina, who teaches custom garment sewing too the sew-curious online.

My blog mostly follows along with the couture process of how each heirloom-quality custom wedding dress was made from idea to wedding day, as well as other interesting tidbits related to sewing, weddings, and body positivity.

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