Old Veil, New Look

Birdcage veils are hot!  Jill’s mother inherited a birdcage veil from her great-aunt and Jill asked me if she thought I could breathe some new life into it and make it work for her wedding.  Of course!  Sounds like a project that is right up my alley.

Why I didn’t take a “before” picture, I do not know.  I guess that’s the breaks of blogging in retrospect.  The photo above was taken after I had steamed the original veil out, cleaned it up and had started playing with adding some color.  Everything that is white is from the original veil.

The fabric I used in the jacket actually had a sequined scalloped edge on one side.  There was not enough of it to use anywhere in the jacket, but I realized that it was actually perfect for using in the veil.  (Close to the top of the photo above, you can see a bit of this scalloped edge that I have cut off the fabric yardage.)  The scallops actually fit perfectly around each flower, giving them some depth and color and creating a nice light border.

To make sure that everything wasn’t too matchy-matchy and made from the all the exact same fabrics, I also cut out some beaded leaves from the swatch of the original “Chinese” beaded net.  At the top of each leaf, I added some small sequin flowers that I cut from a piece of trim from Mulberry Silks.  I placed these leaves and flowers at the point of each scallop in between each flower.

The final touch is the addition of the remaining butterfly brooch.  I perched it at the back of the veil in the center of the white velvet bow.  I experimented with adding more,  (maybe sequins on the white flowers, or leftover beads in their centers, or more ribbons etc.) but edited it down to what I think is a perfect and beautiful mix between the old and the new.  It has Jill’s pizzaz, while still keeping the original beauty that I think will tie in well with not only the purple jacket, but her beautiful white wedding dress!

So, here’s the pics!

Please Note: Jill has beautiful red hair (that she will be wearing up) and she is MUCH prettier than my sad styrofoam head shown in the photos!!!

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