A veil for Jenn’s photoshoot with People

My previous post in Jenn’s bridalwear blog series shared the basted fitting of her rehearsal day top held at Workroom Social in Brooklyn in September 2019. But the top wasn’t the only basted custom bridalwear I had for Jenn to try on.  

For the Brooklyn fitting, I had also basted together a custom veil for Jenn! 

But this veil would not be worn on the wedding day, nor with the rehearsal top…  Jenn would be wearing it with a Temperley London wedding dress in a photoshoot with People magazine!


My last blog post ended with a photo of the dress and Jenn telling crazy true crime story of how it got stolen and recovered via an undercover sting!

In this post, I’ll share the start-to-finish creation process for the veil – including the fitting in Brooklyn and pics from the photoshoot!

The photo of the dress on the Temperley London website (shown above) was the inspiration image we had to work from for the veil’s design. Jenn and I both liked the floaty two-tiered veil on the model, but also thought that it was a little blah. I had an idea for something a little more flirty and fun- and we ran with it!

Patterning, Cutting, & Basting

My idea was to create a shorter perkier two-tier look via an off-center circle veil with a horsehair edge. I wanted it to be created out of a single piece of netting with no seaming- so I bought some wide veiling net from my local fine fabric store Mulberry Silks. The 64″ width of the veiling helped me decide on the initial width of my pattern.

I created a paper pattern to help me cut the circle and position my center. It started with taping big pieces of paper together until it was at least 64″x64″. Then I squared two perpendicular lines that crossed at ~4.5″ off the center.  (And yes, the pattern was bigger than my huge custom table).

I anticipated that this might be a little longer than we’d ultimately want- but we could always make it shorter during the fitting…

Next I found what would be the center of my circle at ~32″. I placed a push pin through the measuring tape which secured it to the pinnable top of my table.

Then I took it for a spin! I placed the end of my pencil through the hole in the tape- which I swung around to draw a perfect circle with my desired radius. (I love this trick!)

Next, I carefully laid the veiling on top of the pattern before pinning the net to the paper.

I was able to see my pencil lines through the net, which helped me cut out my circle. With my scissors, I cut trough the paper and the net at the same time.

Circle achieved!

Next I hand basted the lines from the pattern onto the veiling. These reference lines would be helpful if we decided to make changes during the fitting. 

Then I hand basted 1″ nylon horsehair around the edge.

I basted on a comb, pinned on some jewels, and tried it on in front of the mirror- before packing it (and the top) up for the Brooklyn basted fitting. 

Back to the Brooklyn Basted Fitting

Now we can pick back up where I left off in my previous post during our Basted Fitting in Brooklyn. After fitting the top but before trying on the veil, I had Jenn choose from a selection of brooches to be placed over the comb of the veil. 

Next, she tried it on. Cute! But could it be cuter shorter?

Jenn continued to entertain my hand sewing students as I worked to quickly make the veil appear a little shorter for a second try on.

We both loved this length even more!

I love basted fittings because they offer so many opportunities for easy edits that can make all of the difference.

The Brooklyn basted fitting wrapped up and I was excited to get the veil (and the top) back to my studio for finishing. Thanks Workroom Social for the photography and fitting space! 

Finishing the Veil

After bringing everything back with me to North Carolina, I worked though the changes from the fitting and stitched everything up with permanent stitches.

I managed to get a few good shots of the finished piece…

…before carefully packing and shipping it to Jenn for the photoshoot.

Getting Ready for the Shoot

The veil arrived in time for Jenn’s final fitting of the Temperley London dress. She texted me this snapshot from the dress shop. I didn’t know she was getting a high-low hem, which I think worked especially well with the veil!

And the day of the photoshoot Jenn texted me this photo as she was getting ready…

…and a couple of candids while riding in and getting out of the car.

The People Mag Engagement Shoot

As one of the stars of CLAWS as well as other notable theatre, tv and film, Jenn’s wedding was going to be featured in People. But even before the wedding, De Nueva Photography shot an incredible engagement session for publication. Here are some of my favorite shots- where the veil really shines. Enjoy!

De Nueva Photography
De Nueva Photography
De Nueva Photography
De Nueva Photography
De Nueva Photography
De Nueva Photography
De Nueva Photography

And here are the two shots (from this shoot) that ended up in People.

De Nueva Photography
De Nueva Photography

Aren’t they a gorgeous couple with the cutest dog (RIP sweet Kona)? As a former theatrical milliner (the first wedding veils I ever made were for Mama Mia! on Broadway), it was such an honor to make this fun veil for my friend and to be a part of Jenn and Taige’s marriage celebration. 

I was also making another veil for Jenn to wear on her wedding day (and in People)… I’ll save sharing all about it until the end of the blog series!

NEXT POST: I’ll unpack the basted rehearsal day top from the fitting and start finishing it up! So exciting… 

The final season of CLAWS (starring Jenn) airs Sunday nights on TNT!

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